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How To Clean & Maintain Your Dentures

Article by Aztech Dental Laboratory

How to Clean & Maintain Your Dentures?

Taking good care of your dentures will help them last longer and fit as comfortably as possible – and reduce the likelihood of needing a repair. Read on to learn how to clean and maintain your dentures for a happy and healthy smile.

How often should dentures be cleaned?

Dentures should be cleaned once a day with a toothbrush and denture cleaner, before soaking overnight in a cleaning solution. More stubborn stains or a build-up of plaque may require professional cleaning from a dentist. Rinsing your mouth after meals will also help to maintain your dentures by removing any food debris. 

What’s the best way to clean dentures?

Just like natural teeth, it’s important to keep your dentures clean. This will help protect any remaining teeth and reduce the risk of bacterial infections, while also ensuring your dentures look and feel great. To avoid damaging your dentures, clean them over a folded towel or bowl of water in case you drop them. Use a toothbrush and a non-abrasive denture cleaner – never toothpaste – to remove any leftover food, taking care not to press too hard. Brush the entire surface of the dentures, including the part that sits against the gums. This will ensure that any remaining adhesive is removed.

Once your dentures are clean, soak them in a denture cleaning solution to remove any plaque or stains. This also disinfects the dentures, removing any build-up of bacteria and leaving them fresh for the next day.


How to remove denture adhesive from the mouth?

If you use adhesive to hold your dentures in place, you may find that there is some residue remaining once your dentures have been removed. To get rid of any leftover adhesive, first gargle with warm salt water. Then use a clean cloth to wipe your gums and the roof of your mouth, and finish with another rinse of warm water. Any more stubborn adhesive that remains can be brushed gently with a soft toothbrush. 


What denture cleaning products should be avoided?

Regular toothpaste isn’t suitable for use with dentures, so a specific denture cleaner product should always be used. This should be non-abrasive to prevent scratching to the surface of the dentures. 

You should also avoid anything containing bleach, as bleaching can weaken dentures. Don’t clean your dentures in very hot water, as this can also cause weakness and lead to breakages.


Can you brush dentures in your mouth?

For a quick clean after meals, dentures can be brushed while in the mouth – which is handy if you want to freshen up on the go. When completing a more thorough daily clean, dentures should be removed first to ensure you can reach every part.


How to avoid staining your dentures?

Dentures can become stained just like teeth – through smoking, or from drinking tea, coffee, and red wine. For a whiter smile, avoid these common culprits, and if stubborn stains develop that can’t be removed with regular cleaning, speak to your dentist. Cleaning your dentures after drinking and eating can also help reduce the risk of stains.


Can tartar be removed from dentures?

Tartar develops when plaque isn’t removed properly. This then reacts with saliva and hardens into tartar. Like teeth, dentures can develop tartar too, and it is very difficult to remove through brushing alone. The best way to avoid tartar is to prevent a build-up of plaque by maintaining a regular denture cleaning routine.


When to call your dentist?

It’s important to attend regular dental check-ups even when you have dentures, as your dentist will check the health of the whole mouth, not just your teeth.

If your dentures become damaged, whether through accidental dropping or everyday wear and tear, a specialist clinic like Aztech Dental Laboratory can help. Our technicians specialise in fast, professional denture repairs – in fact, we can repair dentures within the hour.

To get broken dentures fixed fast, call 0116 253 1037 and our team will restore your smile back to its best.


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