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What Foods Should I Avoid With Dentures?


Article by Aztech Dental Laboratory

The addition of dentures can bring you a new lease of life, however, there are some foods you should avoid both long and short term to keep them and yourself healthy as possible. So we’ve got 4 foods to avoid and 4 alternatives you might like to try instead!

Avoid – Popcorn

popcorn in a bowl

We all know how annoying and frustrating it can be to dislodge a stuck piece of popcorn from your teeth and dentures are no exception! Anything with a sharp or hard edge can be painful for denture wears, especially if they get behind the denture.

Avoid – Sticky/Chewy Items

fudge on sale in market

As much as you might enjoy a toffee or fudge, anything which is sticky or excessively chewy is more than likely to cause discomfort or dislodge your dentures. 

Avoid – Nuts

almonds in a bowl

Although they can be great for your health, when part of a healthy diet, when chewed, nuts have a similar problem as popcorn, small pieces can get stuck in your teeth, causing annoyance and possibly pain. Furthermore, as nuts are usually chewed on one side of the mouth, there is an increased risk of dentures coming loose. 

Avoid – Raw Fruits & Veg

full carrots with tops

Whether it’s corn on the cob, carrots or even an apple, they can all place too much pressure on your incisors, which in some cases can result in dislodged dentures. We’d suggest trying softer foods, smoothies or even boiling them to reduce the pressure and still be able to enjoy your favourite fruits and vegetables


Now we’ve covered some key foods to avoid, here are some great alternatively you can try instead!

Pitted Olives

bowl of various olives

They might not seem like an obvious alternative, however, olives provide health benefits and are much easier to chew with dentures. Most olives are readily available in supermarkets, inexpensive and can be eaten on their own or within a meal.

Seedless Or Dried Fruit

dates and chopped fruits

If a fruit smoothie doesn’t appeal, why not consider dried, seedless fruits instead? They’re a great snacking option and are less likely to aggravate your dentures. It can also be a way to eat the fruits you enjoy without the risk.

Slow-Cooked Meats

slowcooked meat burger

It might be more difficult to eat and enjoy portions of steak with dentures so why not try slow-cooked meats. Not only will they reduce pressure on your teeth, but meats are also said to become softer, tender and better in flavour when cooked for a longer period of time. This method can be used with meat, chicken or even pork.

Cakes & Bread

cake slices

A way to satiate that sweet tooth is to try softer foods, so cupcakes and banana bread are a great way to still eat something sweet without affecting your dentures or teeth. Naturally, we don’t’ recommend overindulging and only eating sweet items!

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